Thursday, February 9, 2012


Here's my raised bed garden.
I've got potatoes, onions, radishes, carrots, and garlic growing in this one.
Made the border out of cinderblocks I found on our property.
Used chicken poop from the coop for fertilizer and mixed the earth with "Mel's Mix".
After 4 daysy radishes are sprouting and after several weeks my potatoes are growing those purple stems and leaves! And it's only February!
So excited- hope it keeps doing so well!

Reflections on Literature

The Little Prince
by Antoine de Saint Exupery

I get so caught up in making breakfast, doing the laundry, watering the garden, teaching numbers, sweeping the floor, et cetera, that I become like the adults in the fairy tale.  Yet, I know that boy who is the author.  I'm enjoying becoming the friend of the little prince from that tiny planet, which is beautiful because it has a rose which we cannot see.  And I see how much my own children are like the boy who draws the terrifying image of the boa!  And I have become so practical, forgetting I too still have a child within me who dreams.  That child in me now tries to become a friend to my own children and any children I meet, all becaue I met a little prince from a planet I've never heard of in a story by a French aviator...

So much to enjoy about life--don't loaf about, but do enjoy the little things...